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Address: Horse Mountain Resort Wuxi Ying hui Road on the 12th
Contact: Mr.Lu
Cell phone:+8613901513965
Site: http://en.wxhuayu.com
Zip Code:214092

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   The company was founded in 1983, the predecessor of Wuxi Masan aluminum processing plant, the restructuring of the private sector in 1998 so far. The company is located in the scenic Taihu Lake in Wuxi National Resort area, covering 80 acres and employs 200 people, specializing in the production of 1070 grade aluminum wafer diameter and width of 210mm ∮3mm-∮150mm less aluminum strip, product specifications and more over two hundred species, widely used in daily chemical, machinery, electronics and other industries, such as toothpaste, shoe polish, glue, medicine, capacitor, fan panels, automotiveaccessories, cosmetics, high voltage capacitors, pesticide and other facilities, with annual sales of aluminum round tablets,15,000 tons of aluminum, with many enterprises across most cities have a good business. 

The company's entrepreneurial spirit is unity and hard work, dedication to open up, self-inflicted pressure, striving for excellence, the company's aim is to believe in the "quality of survival, reputation and development"

The foundation of this company is "credit today, tomorrow's benefit."