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Line cut how to implement the aluminum material cutting?

CNC high speed wire cutting processing of aluminum materials, conductive block wear serious, conductive block above soon formed deep groove. Aluminum material is an essential metal used in production and processing, it is impossible to give up the application, so it is necessary to solve this problem, we should take a look at the following aspects should be dealt with.

1. Pulse electrical parameters of reasonable collocation: high-speed CNC WEDM, wide pulse width is easy to produce relatively large alumina or stuck to the surface of a alumina particles, pulse interval is too small will produce larger particles. And the electrode wire is very easy to adhere to these larger particles, to bring a great negative impact on the processing. Increase the no-load voltage amplitude of the pulse power supply, by reducing the pulse width, processing pulse gap, can reduce the possibility of processing chip dry up to the electrode wire.

2. The working fluid requirements: the commonly used aqueous emulsion as CNC high speed wire cutting working liquid and conventional allocation ratio is 1:10 (1 part emulsion, water, 10), and processing of aluminum material, should adopt 3:8 ratio. In order to keep the working fluid of the Qing Gu the normal work effectively, and prolong using period of the working fluid, the use of thick sponge, to prevent debris flow tank, to maintain the smooth flow of the working fluid, reduce the adhesion of electrode wire on the processing chip. Regular cleaning or replacement of the sponge pad. The upper and lower water spraying amount of the working fluid should be uniform, so as to remove the corrosion in time.

3. Skills: in line frame at the rear end of the slot with a sponge, high - speed wire electrode by sponge friction, remove part of the adhesion of the oxide, reduce oxides of wear and tear on the conductive block and reduce the jitter of the electrode wire and make sure that the pulse power supply efficiency of normal play. Also pay attention to frequently change the work position of conductive block.

The above method is not only suitable for cutting aluminum material, for some special material processing, such as conductive ceramics, silicon nitride and boron nitride, also can be used for reference. If the line cutting of large quantities of aluminum processing, then processing will more prominent, with the adoption of the above measures cannot fundamentally problem solving, which requires to consider from the angle of machine tool transformation, is no longer used conductive block in an electric way, such as the use of wire cylinder into the electric can be applied to production and processing. Article from: China Machine Tool Business Network