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Aluminum processing into the golden period of development

Comprehensive information network industry aluminum material is a high-end processing industry. China's industrial aluminum aluminum in China in 2013 accounted for only 30% of total output, far lower than developed countries accounted for. CICC believes that with the advance of lightweight, domestic shipping class aluminum processing will usher in the golden period of development.

Great potential of aluminum applications

Aluminum is widely used as one of the basic metal, its products have been processed, can produce plate, strip, foil, pipe, bar, section, wire and forgings, such as eight kinds of products.

Which is the most widely used technology for the production of melt extrusion profiles and aluminum foil production by hot rolling process. According to Anteko's statistics, as of the end of 2013, China's total production of aluminum processing material is 27 million 600 thousand tons, of which the proportion of extruded materials and sheet metal materials accounted for more than 87%.

In the field of profiles, according to the different uses of specific downstream can be divided into building profiles of aluminum and aluminum industrial profiles, due to the rapid development of the past 10 years China's real estate industry, at present listed companies in most mainly engaged in architectural aluminum profile production. Aluminum sheet, strip and foil application is relatively dispersed, the listed companies mainly to ordinary plate belt and foil production based, high-end market such as cars, high-speed rail and urban rail and aerospace aluminum material compared with that in foreign countries there are still large gap.

Sub industry rapid development

Because of the high technical barriers and financial barriers of industrial aluminum profiles, the need to invest large sums of money to buy large equipment, business to downstream customers bargaining power. Although the export of industrial profiles by the United States and other places of anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, its profitability has declined, but the overall level is still maintained a high. Domestic industrial aluminum profiles, especially in the areas of transportation, power equipment and other areas of demand is showing explosive growth, resulting in many aluminum processing enterprises have started to intervene in the field of industrial aluminum profiles.

According to Antaike statistics, in 2013 China industrial aluminum accounted for only 30% of the domestic aluminum production, and Japan and North America reached 47% and 54%. In the real estate slowdown and the rapid development of the domestic high-end manufacturing field background, the growth rate of domestic industrial aluminum will continue to grow rapidly.