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Industry said China's demand for aluminum alloy processing products will increase

Hongkong (CNFIN.COM / XINHUA08.COM) - Asia's largest industrial aluminum extrusion product R & D manufacturer China Zhong Wang Holdings Limited 17, announced results in Hong kong. China Zhongwang, executive director and vice president Lu Changqing think, countries continue to promote the new town planning, coupled with the "high iron diplomacy" and "along the way" to carry out, will further promote China's demand for aluminum alloy products.

Lu Changqing said that China actively promote structural reforms in the economic model, to promote industrial upgrading, coupled with the accelerated pace of global transport of light, to create a favorable business environment for the aluminum processing industry. In addition, China to increase air pollution control efforts, and continuously improve the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, the market demand for aluminum alloy products also increased simultaneously.

He said that in order to grasp the opportunity of development of the industry, the company will further promote the industrial aluminum extrusion, and deep processing of aluminum rolling business of 3 big core collaborative development, and strengthen the alloy technology and processing technology on the basis of research and development ability, application of the downstream aluminum alloy, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

According to the performance of the company released the same day, China Zhongwang 2014 group's overall revenue year-on-year growth of 11.6% to 159.7 billion yuan, net profit grew 16.5% to 24.8 billion yuan RMB, the per share for the full year to distribute dividend of HK $0.16.