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Introduction of low temperature aluminum extrusion process

High speed and low temperature aluminum extrusion process: at low temperature and high speed is the lower aluminum bar temperature, the fastest extrusion speed process combination for the village of aluminum extrusion process. The process temperature of the aluminum profile is inversely proportional to the speed, that is, the temperature of the aluminum bar is high, the extrusion speed is slow, the temperature of the aluminum bar is low, and the extrusion speed is fast. Usually case, mold production of the first branch of bang bang temperature control in 420 and - 440 DEG C, to the three support rods can be accelerated cooling, the temperature of flat die aluminum bar kept in 390 to 420 DEG C is the best; the temperature of porthole die aluminum rod keep in 410 ~ 440 DEG C is the best.

When the aluminum rod reaches the optimum temperature, the extrusion speed is determined according to the outlet temperature, and the outlet temperature of the material is 520 to 560 degrees Celsius. That is to say, the outlet temperature is lower than the best temperature to be appropriate to accelerate, greater than the best temperature to be appropriate to slow down. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the material is qualified.

Low temperature, high speed extrusion process in the execution process there will be two problems, one is quenching device can meet the requirements of the quenching process, conditional enterprise can be supporting the installation of on-line quenching device, cooling, spray, spray quenching process of partition and classification, in order to achieve the required for the profile of basic mechanical properties. Second is high-speed extrusion process, especially the tail section of the part, often because a temperature probe with the process of extrusion and increased rapidly, metal will produce overheating and overburning, profile surface cracks or even pull rotten phenomenon, resulting in more waste. To solve this problem at present general method for basic is the use of liquid nitrogen cooling mold technology, reduce the deformation zone temperature, to solve the problem of rapid extrusion billet surface quality deterioration, so as to improve the rate of finished products and ensure the low temperature, high speed extrusion process of implementation.