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To expand the application of aluminium or included in the 45 plan

Aluminum Reuters China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association is actively seeking to will expand the application of aluminum "45" included in the planning of major projects, provide strong support for the expansion of the application of aluminum. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association executive vice president Ren Xudong, recently attended the 2014 (tenth) China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition and Shanghai International Industrial Materials Exhibition revealed the above information.

Ren Xudong pointed out that at present, the continuous optimization of China's aluminum industry structure, deep processing of products continue to emerge. From 2011 to 2013, the annual export volume of aluminum in our country is about 3 million tons. High-precision sheet with foil, large industrial profiles, aluminum cans and other high-end aluminum alloy material in the continuous upgrading of product quality, not only to meet the development needs of the country, but also to achieve the export volume.

But China's aluminum industry with the international advanced level there is still a gap between the, it also lacks some of the sophisticated aluminum, some key technologies have to be a breakthrough, especially the aluminum industry of our country still faces overcapacity and insufficient, operational difficulties and challenges. Application level, from the development of the target is still a large gap. If the application of aluminum in transport and construction areas to reach the level of developed countries, the country can expand the application space of about 20 million tons.

According to reports, in recent years, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association working on the application expansion of aluminum, and in traffic tools in aluminum instead of steel, wire and cable section aluminum copper, building template to aluminum and wood and other aspects made positive progress. Although the development of China's aluminum industry faces many challenges, but the development of the fundamentals as a whole to improve, China's aluminum consumption market is huge. Now, the relevant departments of the state has started 45 planning work, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association is actively seeking to will expand the application of aluminium included in major projects. Turn from aluminum